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Hello Friend Welcome to our blog! Let me introduce myself , Phyllis and I am a weaver of traditional fabrics and rugs for the home decor and my husband is a metal artist that works in iron and stone. I post what is happening in our creative world . Check back and see what we are working on or shows we may be attending in your area!

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Country Folk Art Flag

Country Folk Art Flag
Wall hanging 12 x 15 created with hand cut wool strips

Thursday, March 7, 2019

American council craft show Baltimore MD 2019 unacceptable

New economy
Stay home shows are a bummer
By Phyllis Leck

American Craft Council show was unacceptable. Why because the board members and staff have know idea what they are doing . As a 30 year veteran in the craft show industry and been through it all !This one takes the cake ! For starters folks ,you must see the show through both the crafters eyes and their needs and through the audience needs . Always promote the show as if it is the first time being seen by someone ,crafter or a attendee.
  Well not at this show. The programs were printed different colors on the covers and you would expect them to have different info in each . Nope! They had the crafters name boldly highlighted and they had their craft and hopefully booth number printed in faint type. Now what’s the problem ? Well if you were looking for jewelry let’s say , you had know way of knowing how to find a jeweler .Walking the convention center aisle was a maize so the extra hand out was a map . Not all vendors were listed on it as I heard at the Sunday exhibitor meeting . 
  Well they had a meeting and they spent an awful lot of time introducing everyone then when the program issue was brought up the speaker said and I quote “ this was an experiment “ . Experiment??? This is our livelihood! Where have you been ? She said she was once involved with museums . So she and others of the staff thought it would be good to try. Yikes . 
 This show I thought was the best show in the country. Apparently not anymore . Folks do not attend this show in Baltimore , or from beyond Baltimore.They have heard too much about random shootings ,murders and violence to even approach the Inner Harbor. The once beautiful Inner Harbor businesses have moved out leaving empty store fronts. 
So let me tell you craft shows are definitely in the decline with our economy, internet and the younger folks going “ minimal “ 
Stay home and you will be farther ahead then you would be trying to get accepted.
I fortunately broke even but why go and spend months preparing setting aside inventory and sleepless nights 
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About Phyllis Leck
I have been weaving and have had a business for over 30 years. My husband also did show at craft fairs , wholesale markets . We now have open studios on the coast in Maine and are open to the public May 30th thru Oct .They have found a market selling retail in a good location for summer visitors and work locally .Support small local businesses .

Monday, January 7, 2019

Hand Dyed yarns for shawls

Hand Dyed Skeins  of yarns  ready

So excited to be going to this show !
Taking with me are my OPEN WEAVE SHAWLS using the hand dyed skeins of yarn I did last summer
They are all dyed with Knotweed 
Knotweed is also called Japanese bamboo and is invasive.
I mordant with rusty iron found in my husband s metal shop 
This gives it a grayed down scale
The skeins were dyed in the picture at different times of the growing season making the color different as the plants matured.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Antique shuttles Wall display at Christmas

Christmas time I decorate my weaving room with old antique shuttles .Top shuttle is from a factory fly shuttle ,second one down is a beautiful antique hand made carved  shuttle with years of wear and the third is a more recent hand shuttle missing its rod to hold the bib in . The little scrap of woven blue and white coverlet holds Christmas gifts a cinnamon stick ,pine cone and an old Santa Christmas card . Maine Village Weaver Christmas

Friday, September 28, 2018

American Craft Council show in Feb 2019

Maine Village Weaver is going to American Craft Council show in February 22-24 2019 with my fiber wearables Shawls and scarves ,also Asymmetrical wraps .

Hope to see you there ! Lots of texture ,natural colors from my hand dyed collection and open weave.
So wonderful to get out among the excitement of a show . New faces and ideas! Can’t wait 

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Blue and off white hand woven valance in Maine kitchen

Cobalt blue and off white valances 
These hand woven valances  go with Blue Willow or Delft China 
Pictured here is a kitchen in classic Maine tradition 

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Turquoise red yellow placemats on Etsy

You can find these hand woven placemats on Etsy this spring ! Lively colors will go with any decor
I was inspired to use these colors when I visited our daughter in Austin Tx . The colors down there were so vivid ! You can find them in my shop on Etsy click on GO HERE to be taken to my shop