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Hello Friend Welcome to our blog! Let me introduce myself , Phyllis and I am a weaver of traditional fabrics and rugs for the home decor and my husband is a metal artist that works in iron and stone. I post what is happening in our creative world . Check back and see what we are working on or shows we may be attending in your area!

Thanks and have a Blessed Day!

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Country Folk Art Flag

Country Folk Art Flag
Wall hanging 12 x 15 created with hand cut wool strips

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Snowy day before St Patrick's day in weaving studio

Full of sunlight today and ready to thread the loom ! I have got my three layers of clothing on two pair of socks and of course my long Johns, Ha !
The yarn going on the loom is hand dyed merino two ply , it glows in the sunlight . Icy cold green blue color

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Weaving over 100 years

A look at the weaving industry in England at the time when our country was young . The Weavers there wanted  us here in America to trade goods , as a British colony .
I know here in Maine there was plenty of white oak for ships masts and building of wooden boats. Anyway this video takes you through the stages of weaving into the industrial revolution . A good explanation from over the pond. Watch it .
https://youtu.be/CHxnVNZAZXQIndustrial Revelation

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Housekeeping for hand woven rugs

Floorsweeper keeps the hand woven rugs fresh and it is quieter than a vacuum cleaner ! 
Vacuum cleaners are harsh and rough on a hand woven rugs
These little sweepers pick up lint and small bits easily 

My husband appreciates it first thing in the morning as I scurry around picking up from the day before activities . He is usually reading or writing or best yet doing a puzzle while he contemplates his next Iron project . If I want to light a fire under him and move him out to his shop ( ha,ha) I use the shop vac to clean with . The noise gets him outside quickly ?
Motivational ? Maybe I do use it !

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Snow Day Feb 2017

Lovely warm wishes to all of you ! A winters day here and happy that I have a loom in a heated shed . It is connected by a mud room to my kitchen so no going outside if I don't want to . My husband has to walk through snow to get to his shop but can skip through a gallery building if he wants to avoid snowy feet .
Extension cord is for plugging in our diesel truck to keep the engine warm before starting 

Window behind my loom 

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Living the dream

We were not always working as artists but have created this lifestyle for ourselves . We made the decision 30 yrs ago to create and live off of what we make with our hands. Andy was away fishing King Crab in Alaska for 5 years and we had two little boys that wanted to know " where's daddy" . It was hard "yes " but we knew not forever.
We sold our piece of land on Orcas Island ,San Juan Islands in Washington state and moved back east to the Maine coast.
Now we live in a 200 yr old house on the Pemaquid Pennisula after raising our three children and can look back now and say "yeah " that was a great decision!
Our basic theme here is " build it and they will come" . We have stress at times but you know it is different kind of stress. When we decide on our own deadlines is different than deadlines imposed on you.
We are free to make decisions for our selves . Long hours you bet , but who working for himself doesn't want to go the extra mile !
So my point is "go for it" . If you have to reduce your hours working for someone else and build your dream life. Do it!
We are happy and thankful each day we get up and look around us.
A book Andy would suggest is The Artists Way by J. Cameron . It reinforced Andrew when he went through a period when he felt no creativity left in him.
For me weaving stabilizes my life . Through all the ups and downs of Andy creating I can count on repetitive work .
OK , got it? Peace then and love ! It is wonderful !

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Sheep railing made of recycled metal by Scottish Lion

Custom made railing for country cottage 
Sheep with ram horns 

This was made from recycled metal cut from old fuel tanks 
Hand forged scrolls and hand rail 
Installed by Andrew Leck 
Cottage by the Sheepscot river near Wiscasett ,Maine 

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Work in all weather

Here is Andy this morning working on a piece of recycled copper sheeting . Something is going to be created out of it ??  He works in all weather and conditions .

Andy doesn't let the weather stop him 
When he was in his late twenties he fished for King crab up in Alaska 
Home port was Dutch Harbor where later the TV show " Deadliest Catch " was filmed 
He fished there for five years 
I went up to Dutch Harbor with our oldest son and pregnant with our middle child 
We later flew back to Seattle and bought 30 acres on Orcas Island , Washington 
I had our middle son as a home birth on the island 
That same son lives there now working as a metal artist