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Hello Fiber Friends ,
Here is my recently revised blog of Maine Village Weaver. Based on the Coast of Maine I hand weave fabrics , textiles for the home , blankets and rugs. You can also see on my web site shawls and scarves. I love hand dyed , natural, sustainable and hope in the future to source more local fibers to be used.
Check my web site out and follow onto my Etsy site from my web site.
I also love Early American textiles and will offer old patterns and textiles that look old but a newly created
Well anyway check back and see what is happening at the. Maine Village Weaver ,Best Regards , Phyllis Leck

Country Folk Art Flag

Country Folk Art Flag
Wall hanging 12 x 15 created with hand cut wool strips

Sunday, August 16, 2020

American Truce Flag from Appomattox

 At the end of the Civil War , their was decided to have a “Truce “ which happened at Appomattox, Va 

Here is my replica of the simple flag that was waved,  Carried  by James Longstreet , on the end of a tree branch . Just a hand woven hand towel cut in half ! 

Ive taken the liberty to hem the top so a rod can be slipped through . 

Ready for shipping in my Etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/listing/725165731/truce-flag-american-civil-war?ref=listings_manager_grid

Truce flag https://www.etsy.com/listing/725165731/truce-flag-american-civil-war?ref=listings_manager_grid

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Creative Railing by Scottish Lion Wrought Iron

 Here is a recent railing installed in Boothbay Harbor , Maine 

Hand forged iron with glass balls that are called Japanese Fishermen Floats 

These are old thick glass balls that are hand blown glass 

Glass ball railing Installed in Boothbay Harbor Maine 2020
Hand forged by Scottish Lion Wrought Iron 

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Cotton weaving yarn

In my Etsy shop I have cotton weaving yarn www.mainevillageweaver.etsy.com If you want to know more scroll down

This yarn is awesome . You can warp your loom with it , weave it across as the weft , make towels ,rugs , and use in tapestry weaving .
Washes great and gets softer with use . My all time favorite and I have some to share in my Etsy shop 
www.mainevillageweaver.etsy.com www.mainevillageweaver.etsy.com

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Potholder loom kit offered by Maine Village Weaver

This is a lovely kit to begin learning to weave!
Creating a potholder as a child was how I began my weaving career
Everything is included in this kit 
You can purchase it in my Etsy shop
Share with a friend or grandchild 
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Friday, April 10, 2020

Meditation Weaving

Weaving is a daily activity here at our workshop / home. It all began when my husband was away 4 months at a time fishing in Alaska. We lived in the Seattle area and weaving back in the 1970’s was resurgeing in popularity . I think Handwoven magazine got its start back then .
So now Handwoven magazine has come out with an article called Weaving as meditation. I have to say “Yes” that’s it ! It is something I feel compelled to do every day . Now I can point to this article which explains how I feel while weaving .
I also think that in this lies some connections to our past . Weavers back in time during all sorts of hardships and struggles found peace in the reassurance of a pattern that they could count on when life was in turmoil. I think of women here living in Maine who’s husbands went to sea for years . Many houses here have a “Widows Walk “ on top of their homes that was used to watch for their return .
I know that same feeling . My husband took me up to Alaska for a “season” of catching King Crab .
I sat in the village of Unalaska watching the mouth of the harbor , waiting to see his boats return from the Bering Sea .
Fortunately, he made sure I had my loom ,spinning wheel and yarn with me . It kept me company those long dark days . I remember making towels and table runners . Our fourteen month old son taking his nap .They were short periods but useful hours I spent working out treadling  and patterns .
Today , as a grandma , I work everyday at weaving .Still exploring patterns and yarn combinations.
My husband no longer goes away to fish but found an Anvil while in Alaska . He always want to work in metal and now has a successful business making items out of metal .
If you are interested in learning more about the way weaving works as meditation, read this article in Handwoven magazine https://handwovenmagazine.com/woven-flow-weaving-as-meditation/?__s=8rzbebaiin5icv2y8p3i&utm_source=drip&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Weaving+As+Meditation&utm_content=HW+04.09.20+Newsletter
Also if you want to see Andy my husbands work go to www.scottishwroughtiron.com
My work is www.mainevillageweaver.com
Thanks and Be Well

Monday, April 6, 2020

New items added to Maine Village Weaver

Happy Spring !

Easter is almost here and the crocuses are blooming here on the Coast of Maine .
I have added new items to my web site . I’d appreciate it if you have a look . 
Click here to go directly to my site  https://www.mainevillageweaver.com/files/pages/decor.php
Ok so they are closed still but once the sun hits them they will burst open , 
Wishing you Peace and love ❤️