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Hello Friend Welcome to our blog! Let me introduce myself , Phyllis and I am a weaver of traditional fabrics and rugs for the home decor and my husband is a metal artist that works in iron and stone. I post what is happening in our creative world . Check back and see what we are working on or shows we may be attending in your area!

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Country Folk Art Flag

Country Folk Art Flag
Wall hanging 12 x 15 created with hand cut wool strips

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My next fabric I will be creating ...

Rust color thread with a sand tan thread in a small windowpane check . I don't seem to have a photo on hand . I will have to photograph it while on the loom. I am weaving it 50 inches wide and the finished width will be around 45-46 inches wide. Yep ! you loose that much in the weaving take up an then when I wash it to set the fabric it shrinks some more. I will probably put on 10 yards of cotton thread sett at 18 ends to the inch . Let's see 18 ends times 50 inches is 900 threads to handle . Just a short warp. I am waiting to hear from an interior decorator if I am going to be weaving two mohair throws for a yacht in the Caribbean. I don't want to have a lengthly warp on the loom holding up the flow.
I enjoy color and watching the fabric grow with each throw of the shuttle.
There is a rhythm that happens . A peaceful rocking back and forth with repeated motion. It is so apart of my daily activity for hours I spend working at the loom. 
I have two big warps to weave after that . 
When I finish weaving the warp I cut it off the loom and sew the ends and put it in the washing machine with cold water and soap. There are spinning oils in the cotton thread that I need to wash out to make the fabric soft to the touch. After it is washed and dried I cut it into table runners , square cloths and napkins. 
I use a stay stitch about 1 inch from the edge to hold fast the threads and then I fray the edges making fringe. I prefer a turned hem though cause it holds up better with repeated washings.
Ok , enough of my ramblings , tell me about your craft . There is a moment when creating there  is a feeling of  soothing. Don't you agree?

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Sandra's Fiberworks said...

Great to have found a fellow weaver -- thanks for writing on my wall. I came here so I could follow you; hope you follow me back. I follow a lot of fiber folk. And as for having different palettes, that makes following each other all the more interesting!

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