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Country Folk Art Flag
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Friday, April 11, 2014

FARM TO BLANKET by Village Weaver

Weaving is a solitary experience for me. Radio on while I beat each thread into place with just the right amount of pressure. I sit by a sunny window with my back to the world outside not because of being distracted by it but because I enjoy the sunny warmth.
The project these past two weeks has been weaving yarn given to me by Julie of Sheep Meadow  on North Haven Island ,Maine,shepardess of a flock of  Romney sheep.
Life on her farm is rhythmic with the seasons . Ewes lambing , chickens laying eggs and plants being started under grow lights .We go to her shop on the island to explore her spun yarns of her sheep. Julie's  shop also carrys Maine artisans as well as a space to show off and sell her work , hand dyed yarns from her dye garden of plants and flowers,Island Village House is a special place.
We selected the yarns to create our first project. Blankets and scarves!
Lite chocolate brown with zinna dyed green yarn  and a  single ply white yarn 
Now there is a real connection to the farm and the people who live there and their careful tending of their island sheep. This beautiful blanket!
The scarves are shown below

Scarves in lite and dark wool mixed with boucle' ,silk and single ply natural wool
Contact https://www.facebook.com/IslandVillageHouse for purchase and price
Make a visit to this beautiful island as a day trip
Take a ferry ride
Schedule below

Here is a page to find out more about North Haven Island , Maine

Place to stay and eat
Nebo Lodge

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