Scarf for pilots enthusiasts Hangar207

  “Check your Attitude” Scarf hand woven with American merino wool Scarf available from Click here to go to website Scarf available from link The inspiration for this hand woven double weave wool scarf is the instrument panel on small planes  Go to the link above to learn more about vintage airport hangers and small planes  Supporting local artists and producers  Also videos on Instagram hangar_207  Awesome !  

Winter and my weaving studio

 The snow and cold weather are here! Below zero ! Weaving as a lifestyle keeps your thoughts on bright colors and new projects that transcend the dreary colorless out of doors . January February are hard months here in Maine that make you appreciate the summers . At my window I have hand woven curtains that are cotton and wool . The wool is a singles from Harrisville Designs . I hand dyed it with Knotweed during the summer . It is a lovely soft gray color and I lately beat it on the loom so to give a Lacey effect . Leave a comment of what you think of my curtains . Knot weed is my main ingredient in treating Lyme disease with a tincture.

Weaving is a lifestyle

Your life is important and what you put around you and in your body matters a great deal. Todays fibers of polyester ,Dacron, nylon were all developed after the Second World War . Scientist developed these to improve our lives and make for better defenses. “Nylon won the war” was a slogan from back then . Parachutes ,nylon stockings, newer fabrics.  My argument is still , these have helped mankind but let us not throw out the old technology, mainly natural fibers. We still sweat and shiver from the cold so you can not replace the wool and silk that mankind so cleverly has used for centuries. So weaving as a lifestyle ,yes, bring these natural fibers into your home again and rediscover a better home without the chemicals, formaldehyde and polyesters that small little fibers are washed into our oceans Tyou can find natural fibers at my website  Linen and cotton woven together in what used to be called  “Fustian” “ Cotton check bedspread woven in two panels  Han

Indigo hand woven upholstery fabric cotton chenille

Image Weaving is a pleasure for me . I work at the loom daily . Here I am offering a very unique piece of hand woven cotton Chenille  for upholstering a chair. This is 36 inches wide by 8+yards long . Woven on a 8 harness loom in the goose eye diamond pattern . The cotton chenille is hand dyed with natural dye . Indigo was used to create the gray blue and the white is the natural color of the Here is the link to  purchase

Cedar Chips and Cedar Acorns repel pests and insects

Image   Available on Amazon , click link  Cedar has aromatic properties that pests like moths ,cockroaches, mice to name a few can not stand the smell of . Keep your woolies protected from the insects that like to chew holes . Easy ! Punch holes in the plastic bag to release the smell of rich cedar wood . Put a few Cedar acorns in your drawer , chest or garment bag . Your nice down coat doesn’t have to be home to those little varmints. Give some away to a friend and help them understand there is an alternative to chemical sprays and moth balls! Yuck! I have packaged these items and have them available for you on Amazon  and in my shop on Etsy ( click below)

Summer decor table runner off white colors

  Different lengths found in shop on Etsy  Maine Village Weaver 

Wrap for cool spring nights from Maine Village Weaver

 Sometimes sitting on the porch listening to the spring frogs in the evening you need something more than just a sweater . My wraps are warm but not heavy . Light enough to move in and snuggle up to your loved ones . They come in black,  white , turquoise , gray . These can all be found on my website Maine Village Weaver  click link to go to my web site . Hand woven with love ! Have a look  Turquoise wrap Light weight off white , linen , specks of tan and brown Turquoise wrap Off white ,linen, specks of tan and brown  Gray wrap Turquoise wrap Up close view of textured in the turquoise wrap  Off white , linen color with specks of tan and brown  Black Off white  This one is a OOAK shawl 24 x 66 inches  Woven with wool ,cotton ,soy and linen !  There is a cotton yarn in this that has copper thread spun into the yarn   Very unique  Email me